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March 16, 2022

Weird Stuff


A lot of people imagine that a day working at Blue Q is a constant whirlwind of totally random and goofy happenings folded in with the bare minimum of real work. And, they're right! (Ok, we do a bit more than the bare minimum, but there are a lot of distractions.)

The thing about all these strange and fleeting events is that we don't always have time to tell you about them. Even though we know you'd be entertained by the stories! Anyway, we're trying to get better at that. But in the meantime, here's a little summary of what's been going on.

I think that's called a "photo dump," right?

1. Dylan brought his cats in to surprise Seth on his first day back from vacation. Seth does not like cats. 

2. We were in Cheer! Season Two! Coach Monica has goooood taste.

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/data/Video/Blog/Weird Stuff/3.mp4

3. A lot of chocolate was eaten! We're partial to Tony's.

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/data/Video/Blog/Weird Stuff/4.mp4

4. Mike Rousseau is painting super cool murals throughout the building with this incredible wood-grain-maker-tool. It's pretty mesmerizing!

5. Someone cut a piece of cake like what?

6. Around here, we follow the rules!

7. We said "sayonara" to our phones. (Don't worry, we'll still answer when you call.)

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/data/Video/Blog/Weird Stuff/8.mp4

8. Then ate a 20-topping salad!

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/data/Video/Blog/Weird Stuff/9.mp4

9. We sang it like we meant it.

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/data/Video/Blog/Weird Stuff/10.mp4

10. And Bill ran away.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Omg you are my kind of people
Comment By: Monica1 year ago 

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