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Fuck This Shit W-Crew Socks

You know exactly who you're going to buy these socks for (besides a pair for you too, of course). It's for the sassy, smart someone who doesn't mind lifting up their bottom cuff to show their true colors. And these are damn fine colors. And DAMN fine soft combed cotton. Women's shoe size 5-10. 53% combed cotton, 44% nylon and 3% spandex.
Fuck This Shit W-Crew Socks

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Review By: Amie3 years ago 
I seriously love these socks. Living in the Pacific Northwest, the weather can sometimes get you down. Putting these socks on in the morning helps brighten a grey and rainy day, plus they keep my feet cozy and warm.
Review By: melissa4 years ago 
Super cute & comfy, but not quite sure why both socks have the design facing to the right hand side instead of having them each face out on their respective sides. I'd like people both on the right & left of me to be aware of the snark. Other than that, these are lovely.
Review By: Ursula5 years ago 
I wore these last weekend when we went camping in the redwoods forest. A rain broke out and poured all night. I was prepared! Love Blue Q!!!!
Review By: Marian 5 years ago 
Fantastic...really need men's variety!
Review By: Michelle5 years ago 
Considering the winter we've had here in New England, these socks sum up exactly how it feels to be dealing with the craziness! They are super cozy & as a nurse really brighten up any set of scrubs I wear!
Review By: holly5 years ago 
I received these socks as a gift when my cancer returned. They are great for treatment appointments, CT/MRI scans, surgery and generally any cancer-related appointment. I am the hit of the oncology waiting room!
Review By: Joyce6 years ago 
Welp..all that I can say is that these socks really made my day! I spent the past 5 years working my A off for corporate America. The when they told me that I was basically making too much money and laid me off...I said to myself....welp....S my D and then put on these socks and hit the town. Thanks Blue Q. You never let me fact I bought 3 additional pairs so that I could keep reminding myself that, Hey Girl are the Jam
Review By: Michele6 years ago 
The perfect passive-aggressive accoutrement, not to mention a juxtaposed psychological mind fuck. LOOKS cute a darling with those little vintage kiddos woven into your cuddly foot duds...awwww. But wait...what....? Oh, I see how it is. Make sure to wear with your Berkies so they're not hard to miss. Wards of annoying happy go lucky goody-goodies without having to say a word. (Oh, and they're the same high quality as all Blue-Q treasures: I've had mine over a year, wear them often and they always come out the wash looking as great as the day I got 'em). Sorry, no photo as they're in the washing machine right now.
Review By: Trisha6 years ago 
By far my favorite Blue Q products. I wear these to work everyday. The best thing to do is the pull up your pants in a meeting and reveal a delightful sock message to the colleague sitting next to you. Love it. Especially when it's your boss. These socks help me live for the awkward moments in life. Thanks Blue Q, I'm going to put a sock in it now....
Review By: Lori6 years ago 
I love these! I saw them in a bookstore on vacation, but did not get them then. I kept thinking about them though, so I made a trip back to that bookstore to get them, and a few others. They are so soft and comfortable, the colors are great, and the sassy sayings are the best part! Thanks for making hilarious but comfortable socks!


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