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Ringmaster Of The Shit Show W-Crew Socks

Sometimes the Ringmaster doesn't get the credit she deserves. Sometimes the attention goes to all the stuff that's going on around her - the leaping, the twirling, the fire-breathing, that kind of stuff. But not today. Women's shoe size 5-10. 63% combed cotton; 35% nylon; 2% spandex.
Ringmaster Of The Shit Show W-Crew Socks

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Review By: kasi2 years ago 
The logo is all messed up ): makes me sad because i have to twist the socks to get the logo showing the same on both socks.
Review By: C3 years ago 
As with the other reviews, super bummed about the writing. (That's what I get for simply trusting in a brand and not reading the reviews!) I don't really even want to wear them now. So just be aware, the writing will NOT show on the outside of both legs.
Review By: Nicole3 years ago 
Love these socks! I agree with the previous review. At first I thought I purchased a defective pair of socks(because of the writing/design being on the inside of the leg) it would be cool if I could show off both sides
Review By: deidra4 years ago 
I was so excited when I found these! Your products really do make me happy. When I opened them up, I realized the text isn't on the outside of both socks. I also own the "Sock Whore" socks, which have a little more wrap around and isn't noticeable, but I feel like for a design like this with a clear inside and outside, it looks a bit silly to have the text on both socks facing the same direction. I understand it's easier for production purposes to essentially make one sock, but maybe then the text is on both sides. or on the front instead of the side.


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