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Hot Rocks Messenger Bag

A stunning bag by any other name. (My personal favorite). Art by Rex Ray. Inside pocket perfect for iPads, 53" adjustable strap, strong magnetic closure. 95% post consumer recycled material.
12"h x 11"w x 3"d
Hot Rocks Messenger Bag

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Review By: Tabby1 year ago 
This bag looks nice but PLEASE dear Blue Q - bring back the top-zippered version (although a beefy plastic zipper instead of the metal would be an improvement). And bring back the Miso Pretty line of bags!
Review By: Wendy1 year ago 
Dear blue q, I'm an ancient fan of your stuff. My first buy is still my very favorite and sadly, tragically you no longer produce it! It was the perfect zipped square/rectangular bag with the long strap that could do the cross body thing. It was the best bag ever! Nothing fell out when shoved under the seat in front of you, lightweight, FUN! Now the flap bag is another story. The flap is a pain in the ass. The magnet doesn't stick most of the time, the flap is too long and awkward when your trying to get stuff and it's not secure under the seat in front of you. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the ZIPPER one! You had perfection! Why not make our lives, your true fans feel secure and fabulous again? PLEASE???


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