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Fat Cat Coin Purse

Put that pudgy pussycat on a get-slim-diet quick, 'cause that carpet covered kitty-apartment thing over there is about to explode. You think he's fat. He thinks he's rich. By Marc Rosenthal. 95% post consumer recycled material.
3"h x 4"w
Fat Cat Coin Purse

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I love my Fat Cat coin Purse. It's so cool and colorful, just the right size and easy to find in my purse. It makes me smile. Because it is so durable and I can find it in my purse without even looking ( the material is very distinctive feeling ) it really inspired me. I decided to fill it with some things that a mom chick like may need sometime, in an emergency. These things can really save the day and boy have they ! With what I can fit in that little coin purse I can: - relieve a headache, body ache or save someone from a heart attack( advil/aspirin) -fix glasses, a hem, broken strap, necklace clasp or earring. let air out of an overfilled tire or make a branding iron for very tine cattle ( paper clip/safety pin) - leave or take a message, write down a tag number, give someone my information ( post-it) - get hair out of my eyes, off my neck, shoot someone to get their attention ( hair elastic) - fix a boo boo ( bandaid) - unlock a door ( bobbie pin ) - stop a stain from setting in ( shout wipe) - open a box, envelope,seat belt, make shelter or hunt? ( pocket knife) - avoid bad breath, spinach in my teeth ( mint/floss pick) - be ready for a parking meter ( quarters) - stay sanitary top to bottom (face wipe/wet one) - fix a hang nail, crooked nail or break out of jail ( emory board) - give a smile, gift, reward a good deed or eat from a $1 menu ( origami dollar shirt/ kitty pin0 - everything else ( Locktite funtak & kleenex) I'm sure there are many other things I can do with my tools. I'm going to get several more of these well made coin purses to save the lives of my girl friends, nieces and cousins this Christmas. Thank you Blue Q !!
Review By: JIll2 years ago 


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