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July 26, 2018



If you've been with us for a while, you probably already know that our office is big and bright and open with 10-foot tall windows, rosy brick walls and well-scuffed hardwood floors. Even if Blue Q hadn't taken over the former player piano factory building, it would still be plenty warm and welcoming.

The warehouse, though... well, it's a warehouse. I mean, it's a really nice one! And the people there perk things up a whole helluva lot! But, the architectural bones are pretty basic. The thing is, we want all employees to feel nurtured by and responsible for the spaces in which they spend their days. (DUH!) So, we've made some additions and adjustments to kick things up a notch. We make sure there's lots of art on the walls, we bring in unexpected materials where we can, we hang up huge print-outs of our favorite song lyrics, and we jazz up our shipping boxes with colors galore - where there's a surface, there's opportunity!

One of our favorite ways to zhuzh things up is by commissioning big bold murals. They make such an incredible impact, and they give us an excuse to work with talented people from our community. So far, we've got an epic Super Hero narrative by Andrew LaPatin, a blown-up collage of staff sketches, and a looooooong wall sporting a sentiment that makes very little sense ("This Fish Doesn't Need Any Chips") by Michael Rousseau. But we've been itching to add more! So Michael came back to help us with our latest project: a smack-you-in-the-face yellow and black diagonal stripe pattern for the wall behind our box storage. Is it a traffic sign? A hypnosis graphic? Who cares! Michael spent last week taping off the sections and painting carefully. And when it finally came time to take the tape off, he pulled in some of his pals from BCARC to help with the unveiling.

Thanks for the awesome work, Michael. We can't wait to see what you bring next!

Thanks a Bunch!

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I loved reading this! How spectacular! You all are just plain AWESOME! What an environment to work in! Woohoo!
Comment By: Sarah2 years ago 
Just gotta say,,,it was certainly a Blue Q Christmas around the household and beyond! keep it up cowboys, ya done good...
Comment By: Kate2 years ago 
That's awesome. My Dad's career (calling) was directing ARCs in various counties in Indiana and Tennessee. I'm going to show him this post...he will get a kick out of it and probably tear up a bit.
Comment By: Joyce2 years ago 
How do you pronounce "zhuzhing?"
Comment By: Emily2 years ago 
Well son of a trucker...can I just come and hang out with ya? ¡Mix & Match, will work for hugs y calcetines! Hey, how about some Pop Art on the wall? Elizavèt -
Comment By: Elizavet2 years ago 
This was a lot of fun to read and to look at! It is really awesome that you involved ARC in this project. It was obvious they were enjoying themselves. The hug picture was very sweet and special! You did well! Elaine
Comment By: Elaine2 years ago 

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