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May 07, 2018

Artist in Residence


Holy Moly, Artman! Can you believe it's been over a year since we first introduced you all to Andrew LaPatin? Well, a lot has happened since then. For starters he finished his masterpiece!

But just as importantly he became our first official Artist in Residence! We all grew to love having him come in and do his thing so much that we didn't want him to ever leave. And, as it happily turns out, he didn't want to leave either. Things like that kind of have a way of happening around here. You spend a little time with us and you just sort of become family.

It's so cool that Andrew has a little space, all his own, waiting for him whenever he is ready to do his work. And it's not just work for Blue Q either. We encourage him to work on anything he wants – personal projects, work for other clients, whatever!

We all love to have him here, parked right out on the warehouse floor amidst all the hustle and bustle, with his easel and paints, or his pencil and sketchbook, or, my personal favorite, his wood burning kit. He just locks in and enjoys his process and fills the whole place with an electric pulsing creative energy. He is a true inspiration. This guy has a real knack for color, lines, and florals, not to mention an incredible imagination. And words! Andrew is a true wordsmith and loves to play around with their sounds and shapes and how they go together. This is especially wonderful when, in his deep, drawling voice, he and Sergio have in depth talks about Darth Vader's likes and dislikes around the lunch table.

So anyway, we just want to extend a big old warm official Blue Q welcome to a wonderful addition to the fam. We hope this relationship continues to flourish and benefit us all for just about forever!

Thanks a Bunch!

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I came across your products for the first time on Block Island and I’m hooked! Checked out your website online! Can’t stop laughing
Comment By: Jenn1 week ago 
can I play too?
Comment By: lynn2 weeks ago 
Please send directions to your planet. I want to stay There.
Comment By: grrr l2 months ago 
Comment By: shelley2 months ago 
I gots me some more socks today!
Comment By: Meg2 months ago 

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