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February 17, 2016

This Fish Doesn't Need Any Ruffly Lettuce

Can a pair of socks be a work of art? How about a shopping bag? Why not!? Well, we made our warehouse into a work of art, too. With blazing red trim and banners on the walls and our logo so loud on the door you can almost hear its voice.

But still, it needed something more; some high-calorie sustenance for this dynamic creature.

So now, emblazoned on the wall of the outer corridor, in letters four feet high, in crisp bright, eye-popping color is the phrase "THIS FISH DOESN’T NEED ANY CHIPS"- professionally and precisely executed by local painter superb Mike Rousseau.

First, we solicited slogans, concepts and tongue twisters from the warehouse crew at large. We also had some headlines clipped from the New York Times arts section. We ended up with a long list of possibilities, from the snarky to the philosophical and everything in between. 

Some contenders:

- Set the controls for the heart of the sun
- A cat is a lion to a mouse
- Think like a proton and stay positive
- And one of my personal favorites – "I feel more like I do now than I did," which I’m still not sure makes any actual sense but it’s wicked fun to say.

In the usual Blue Q democratic way, we wrote the fifteen or twenty most promising phrases on scraps of paper and threw them on the floor while everyone stood in a circle and voted on the best, most fitting, of them all. Only greatness will suffice! Survival of the coolest. Or the weirdest.

And honestly what could make more sense in our special little climate than "This Fish Doesn't Need Any Chips?"

Or ruffly lettuce, or parsley, or tartar sauce. Or even lemon wedges?

But that’s not all. Surely you didn’t think we would stop there, did you? Mike R. ventured inside the warehouse proper too, making a composite image of these charming drawings that our BCARC staff made in their weekly art classes. He then projected the collage, again on an enormous scale, and perfectly and permanently charted it onto the walls. It reminds us all of how the greatest art is often spontaneous.

We love this collaboration so much it even became the cover of the 2016 catalog! (See above!)

So what zany, madcap project will be next for our ever-growing, ever-changing work space? Your guess is as good as ours!

Thanks a Bunch!

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I have a mad crush on you guys. You make me inappropriately happy. Thanks for making this world happier, snarkier and slightly more naughty. Keep doing you.
Comment By: Lisa3 years ago 
Once or twice a month I stop in BooRadley's, my favorite store to buy fun items and cheer myself up on a bad day. Blue Q stuff is always good for that. (My all-time favorite is a little bag, "Why not hugs AND drugs". Love it. Anyway, this is my first visit here and it looks like some of your employees might be developmentally disabled. That made me like your stuff even more :-)
Comment By: Lydia4 years ago 
You made me smile so I am sharing with BFFs. Will be back for more! Shauna
Comment By: Shauna4 years ago 
I love all of it...
Comment By: Narelle5 years ago 
Please post where appropriate category: For future buyers and buyers. Like to give Books, Gifts, DVD's, CD's; just about anything in a wonderful recycled BlueQ bag. Give a bag as a Birthday, Mother's Day/Father's Day/Christmas Card etc., and can be re-used for Grocery Shopping, plus they're colorful and happy art. Also, like to let all my family, friends and tell everyone about BlueQ. Even when give Clothes away to charitable organization just tell them sale/sell bag and donate to the cause but sure the Love and Joy of BlueQ. A card you throw away like paper bag;, I like permanent items, trinkets etc., so enjoy. Everyone give your bags away to, thinks your bags are beautiful and brightens up their day and blesses them. YEP, SO TRUE. P.S. Do (create) a Red, White and Blue Bag, Christmas Bag, saw an old bag with like carrying Dog, like dog's head popping out (too cute, on eBay). Miss your Let IT Go Journal's, Write IT Down and your beautiful Sunny Side Up Zipper Tote. Thank you for creating Jumbo Zipper Pouches.
Comment By: Dana5 years ago 
You guys crack me up! Love you and your cool stuff!
Comment By: Jill5 years ago 
Bring back Dirty Girl!
Comment By: Jeanna5 years ago 
I would REALLY love the "Sup', Nerd" sock made into a man's one. That phrase is so prevalent between my friends and I that I would love to wear it on the daily. I'm fact, I was hoping there could be a wider selection of male socks that weren't so masculine or bro-y. It would also be great if you could make, like, plus size sticks for all of the giants out there. I Seoul's hate to end up stretching out one of your fabulous designs.
Comment By: Jeremiah5 years ago 
My pastors wife bought those for our church bookstore! I love them too! That's definitely one that should be brought back!
Comment By: Brandy5 years ago 
love love love!
Comment By: leanne5 years ago 
Hello...LOVE your products. The first time I bought a Blue Q bag was about 15 or more years ago in Duluth, Minnesota at a store called the Electric Fetus :) I guess someone REALLY had to have it once I brought it home because it has since disappeared :( I would REALLY like to get another or maybe even 2 or 3 of the same bag. It had a graphic of Jesus with 2 women praying and looking up to Him. It said "Looking good for Jesus". If it is at all possible, and if you still have the template to make these bags again, I would LOVE to get more :) Thank you Shirley
Comment By: Shirley5 years ago 

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