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May 07, 2020

Make your own Flat Flowers!


The product development process for Flat Flowers was less interesting than Flat Cat and Flat Fido's. We just hired Steven, a local florist, who is sadly no longer with us, to make these nice arrangements. He traipsed up to our 6th floor walkup studio with armloads of specimens and set to work on our plywood table. We photographed four different versions, and soon they joined the other Flats, just in time for Mother's Day. Naturally we gave our mom, Suzanne, a case of them. Most are still in her guest bedroom closet, looking fresh as ever. Isn't she adorable? Wishing her and all the other wonderful mums of the world a happy Mother's Day.

x Mitch & Seth

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Comment By: Elisabeth1 month ago 
i found an unopened flat flowers package at a thrift store and i TREASURE it.
Comment By: js4 months ago 
I. Love. This!!!
Comment By: Chloe8 months ago 
Love you all! My 95 year old mom lives in a memory care facility and fresh anything would be wasted. Mother's Day will be by a skype call, since she has been locked down for 2 months. I'm going to make this, get it to her facility and enjoy my face to face call. THANK YOU for brightening her day!!
Comment By: Betsy3 years ago 

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