We’ve got a group of mega-multi-talented people at Blue Q called Arts & Assembly. Thanks to a 30-year partnership with Berkshire County Arc, they put the finishing touch on lots of products, like Lip Shit and gum. They even make some products start-to-finish, like the Rainbow Worm Family we sent some lucky customers last year.

That’s their day job, but there’s lots of time in a day, so they also fit in other cool stuff—like painting moon portraits, growing kale, and turning it into salads. Their art lines the walls of Blue Q and their presence makes many a day more worthwhile.

In early 2020, they added music to the mix. Blue Q-ers Mike and Jordan pillaged their warehouse workspace to build a bunch of instruments out of plywood, pipes, even old flip flops. Blue Q family member, Stephen, led the band in weekly jams, and the wild rhythms drew people from all over the building away from their work to join the scrap-bashing party—until COVID came and everything got quiet.

In 2021 we came back keen to bring all this talent back together across the company. We came up with more ways to make kaleidoscopic noise with more scraps, human hands and voices—and robot voices. Abstract Sandwich was born. They’re improvisational sonic explorers. They’re open-minded, ever-evolving artists. And they know how to get the party started.
Check out these jam sessions, each one a totally new sound experiment, as Abstract Sandwich finds magic in a new set of makeshift instruments.

Episode 1: Beat-crushin' Percusion

Episode 2: Strumming on Strings Things

Episode 3: Vocal Loop de Loop