Blue Q feels strongly that it’s our responsibility as a business to help make the world a little better.
We know even small companies like ours can make a big difference and that’s why Blue Q proudly contributes 1% of sales from our best-selling categories to organizations that further the good work we believe in. That’s 1% of sales, not profits, by the way. In fact, it’s built right into our costing sheet. At this point, we won’t make something without considering its charitable impact.
Central African Republic. 2016 © Pierre-Yves Bernard / MSF
Of course we don’t want to be limited to one fight, when there’s so many worthy causes out there. So we spread the love around to support humanitarian aid, environmental initiatives, and social justice efforts around the globe. All three are equally important, not just to the world, but to Blue Q as an engaged and compassionate company.

That said, money isn’t everything. It’s important to us to form sincere, ongoing relationships with the organizations we support. Many times we’ve benefited from presentations with Doctor’s Without Borders’ field workers who inspire our staff and invigorate our efforts. And we get out there and help our local groups – The Housatonic Valley Association, Habitat for Humanity or our local humane society, to name a few – by participating in community initiatives like block parties, soap box derbies, and clean-up projects.

Our hope is that, as we do our part to support these critical causes, we inspire customers and even other businesses to follow suit. Because we can't do it alone, but if we all join in the effort we can make some real change.

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