Aleesha Nandhra



Aleesha is an artist and sometimes printmaker with a big sweet tooth. They like making work inspired by nature, the everyday, culture and mental health. Narratives and visual storytelling play a huge part in their practice

“Ducks are good problem solvers.”

Listen to music while you work? Anything special in your work space that unleashes your creative juices?

I have little objects and things around my desk that I enjoy looking at every day— in particular a collection of small animal sculptures that I've adopted on my travels. Some of them are a little weird looking, a little crooked, but they make me happy!

When you get a new project from Blue Q, how do you begin? What’s the starting point?

I just draw and draw and draw and drawwwwwww. Usually the good bits come out of a small little corner of these drawings. Not overthinking it definitely helps, and just finding joy and pleasure in the process of “working” through ideas visually.

Have any special tricks or insights into how to connect with your audience and make ‘em respond?

I usually don't think about an audience when making my work (unless it has to be age-specific, e.g. children's literature). Personally, for me the best work with most resonance comes from when I make something out of honesty, vulnerability, or it's just something I really wanted to make for myself.

Any activities, exercises or strategies to pull yourself out of the occasional artistic rut?

Going for a walk usually helps — I go say hi to the ducks at the park (they're really good problem solvers!). But usually just not actively thinking about what I am taking a break from is good. I come back fresh!

How do you celebrate the completion of a big project?

Have a sweet treat! Some sort of hot/cold dessert situation? Ice cream? Cakes? Tea and really chocolate-y biscuits?? Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?? Oh, and then pop on some David Bowie tunes and have a dance.