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I'll Feed All You Fuckers Oven Mitt

It's dinner time when I say it's dinner time! What? Does it look like I have three sets of arms or something?! Super-insulated. 100% cotton.
I'll Feed All You Fuckers Oven Mitt

Or, How about something like this?

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Review By: Cynthia2 years ago 
This oven mitt is so awesome, I can't WAIT to post it on FaceBook, in hopes Mark Zucker-face blocks it. Nah, it's because I admire the men I've had in my life who are awesome spear-fishermen who can cook like nobody's business. Sexy A F. If there is anything more awesome than a man who can cook; it's a Woman who can bar-be-que the pants off anyone me, for example. My dad taught me, I taught my son and 2 daughters, and my ex-husband wouldn't know what to do with a grill unless he could fuck it. --- don't quote me on the ex.....even tho' it's TRUE. Love you guys! the Barbeque Goddess ....even though I'll be 66 this month.....and have 3 grandkids.... Cynthia O'Keeffe


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