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June 11, 2020

Where We Stand


Like so many organizations, we’ve spent the last two weeks watching, listening, reading, and reflecting on the state of the world, this country, our industry, and our place in it. 

Before George Floyd’s murder, before the national outpouring of grief and anger that followed, and before the heroic energy of so many protesters flooded the streets, most of us came to work every day satisfied by our company’s particularly strong core tenets of fairness, kindness, and community. We’re doers. We celebrate our individual differences daily, empower human beings of all kinds, and support organizations around the world who equitably serve the global community. 

So it’s upsetting to look at ourselves right now and acknowledge that we’re not doing enough. Were we blind to the racial divide and systemic discrimination in this country? Of course not. But were we too comfortable with being and doing good in a more general way that didn’t address it? Yes. 

In the wake of this necessary upheaval, we’ve had to ask ourselves a lot of uncomfortable questions: Do those core values that we hug so tight really extend to everyone? What – who – are we overlooking? Who are we representing – or not representing – in our products and staff? Whose voices are we elevating? Who still needs a mic? And, of course, how can we do better? It’s clear that we need to do more, and to do so with intention and transparency.

There’s still a lot of reflection to be done here at Blue Q … and not just among the leadership, not just the design team, not just those in charge of hiring, but each and every one of us. This is going to be a group effort. And we recognize the urgency of action. So we’ll share our working plan of action with you here. 

First, a note about timing: We’re sorry we’re late. We’ve gone almost entirely silent these couple of weeks because we wanted to allow space for the important conversation filling our feeds. But, to be honest, we didn’t know how to enter that conversation ourselves. We’ve been scared to say the wrong thing, too much, or too little. It’s not an excuse, but it’s the truth. And it’s unacceptable.

We know that confronting discomfort is the only way forward. We know we’ll make mistakes, and hopefully we’ll learn from them. We also hope to learn from you, our community, about what is and isn’t working. We owe it to ourselves, our employees, and most of all you, to keep the conversation open.

And finally, before we sign off and get to work, we want to say, unequivocally, that Blue Q stands against racism in all forms. We stand against apathy, we stand against silence. We stand in condemnation of police brutality, we stand in support of the protesters, and we stand with and for Black lives.



Some things we’ve been doing, some things we haven’t – all things we pledge to do better.

  • To intentionally increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) on our products

  • To actively seek out BIPOC collaborators in our product development process

  • To represent BIPOC in our catalogs and on our website

  • To make sure that job openings are shared broadly across the local community, and not just within our own social spheres

  • To use our voice to encourage civic engagement

  • To educate ourselves. To learn from the mistakes we make. To walk into discomfort and grow from it. To keep asking ourselves how we can be more intentional in our fight against racism and discrimination in all forms. 



We’re working to find the most productive and sustainable ways to impact our local community. We’re not kicking the can down the road – just taking a moment to do it thoughtfully, and building relationships with the community leaders who can most effectively inform our efforts. We’ll share our progress with you as our plans take shape.



  • Continue the anti-racist conversation, with your friends, your family, your community, and us. 

  • Let us know when and where we can do better.

  • Please, please, please VOTE!

Update: Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to publish your thoughts, suggestions and even complaints. That said, we will not approve any “All Lives Matter” comments.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Wow! I was told by a friend about your company bc she was wearing the "Birch I Am the Secret Ingredient " apron and I loved it! I'm even more impressed with your company philosophy and you've made me now fall in love with you on the subject of black lives matter. Wow. Keep up the great, non partisan, non partial, unconditional acceptance responsibility you seem to have taken so seriously. It is noted and appreciated. And it makes it just that much easier for a few more people in our world. Thank you Dorcas Crumbley
Comment By: Essential2 years ago 
Thank you for your clearly stated position. We love your product line and the creativity on each and every item. Keep it up, and those of us who appreciate humor, truth, and candor will continue to buy! Jo Ann
Comment By: Jo2 years ago 
Spot on guys and gals
Comment By: Sarah2 years ago 
Thanks for your honesty, bravery and commitment to change. For white folks examining systemic racism, like me, the work will include regrets, soul searching, truth telling, and mistakes. We must all become anti-racist upstanders, not just well-meaning bystanders. As a librarian, I'm always going to suggest reading as an eye opener--the New York Times best seller list currently features many excellent anti-racist books. (Or try your local public library...) Good luck and congrats on your first step.
Comment By: Nancy2 years ago 
I’ve always loved your company and your witty products. I’ve used one of your cute tins for a wallet for LITERALLY a decade - everything is high quality -however, I can admit that have wished to see myself in your products. You’re not the first company to have blindspots. It’s so rare to see vintage images with Black folk as regular citizens vs servants, mammies, or jezebels. I appreciate that you’ve made a commitment to addressing those blindspots directly. Thank you for committing to increasing diversity in your products. Keep up the the excellent work - this is the kind of direct action that makes allies so important. Also, as if this wasn’t long enough - I would also like to see/ suggest our differently-abled and LGBT friends represented too (Christmas is coming).
Comment By: Riley 2 years ago 
Great "Where We Stand" statement!! I am just discovering the website and am now aware that there are many more great products than just lavatory mists! I am impressed with the creativity and wittiness of the phrases on everything. I can relate many people that I know to a lot of these phrases! The mists are great quality scents and I am looking forward to purchasing more products both for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Thank you for all that you are doing in these hard times!
Comment By: Anthony2 years ago 
Perfectly stated. Thank you, kindly. I am a crazy Blue Q fan, and will continue to be so! I know, I know, don't end a sentence with a preposition..... I am a high school educator and working artist. I'm going to share this with my students, show them your product line and have them design screen prints.
Comment By: Joan2 years ago 
Looking forward to seeing more BIPOC representation in your products!
Comment By: Shyrissa 2 years ago 
Always have loved your irreverent products. After reading your statement, I love your company even more. Come up with some new, really biting stuff!
Comment By: Anita2 years ago 
Hi! My first into to blueq was a gift of socks that said, "No, you act normal." I meditate, and I love squirrels, so these socks are fucking perfect! I have cancer now, and I tend to wear them at doctor appointments so I can intrigue those health care workers and make them giggle. I also have fuck this shit socks, and have given some awesome gifts to women who fucking kick ass. Regarding your very touching recent statement, please include some more Asian imagery. You're good at it. P.S. Thank you
Comment By: Jocinda2 years ago 
Thank you, BlueQ, for writing a statement describing your position. You are being brave by declaring yourself. But each of us may need to ask ourselves the same questions you asked yourself. Are we doing what's right? Are we doing enough? Are we promoting racial justice? This is an uncomfortable conversation, but sitting on the sidelines won't make us a more perfect union. And yes, I vote and will vote. I also filled out the US Census form.
Comment By: Ann2 years ago 
As a long-time customer of your wonderful company I want to thank you for your recent statement and list of commitments (above). It means a lot to me to know that I'm supporting a company with real Values. I will continue to support Blue Q by shopping your merchandise and telling other people about you.
Comment By: Jeanette2 years ago 
Thank you Blue for taking the time to be honest and that we all may get uncomfortable and we all must take up less space, but we HAVE to actively research, listen, learn, to be anti-racist and anti-Black, and yes absolutely we must vote. I have purchased an assortment of your products as gifts for friends and teachers. I work in special education and I work at a title 1 school with students of varying disabilities. I like your merch but I would love it if there was way more ethnicity diverse people (like my students and me) in your products, people of disabilities represented, and affirming messages on socks I would wear around students. I want to wear products that represent my students and me. I absolutely love all the bad word socks, but I have had to put them away til winter since my daughter asked “What’s an asshole?” LOL. Have you considered socks that have feminists, Black, Latix, Filipinx, Indigenous, Asian, heroes? Even BLM socks with a percentage going to a Black nonprofit (e.g) Conscious Kid Book Fund for students) or Blue can highlighting a Black business bi monthly in email? Just some thoughts that would make me wanna positively blast Blue on my IG, FB, & the old school way: word of mouth.
Comment By: Mel D.M.C.2 years ago 
Your the best! It’s that plan and that simple. Thank you Blue Q. ❤️
Comment By: Bren2 years ago 
Your the best! It’s that plan and that simple. Thank you Blue Q. ❤️
Comment By: Bren2 years ago 
Yes please show other ethic folks in your product lines. It gets a little old to see the same ole white folks on items I might of like to purchase if they had look more like me. And of course All Lives Matter, Especially Black lives that have been disparaged forever!!!!
Comment By: Ouida2 years ago 
Thank you for saying so eloquently what I've been thinking so silently. For 30plus years I was supportive of and involved in with my local black community, I'm in a bi racial marriage with multiracial children but in growing older, I've developed health issues and disabilities that affect my daily activities, my mobility and my finances. I've become complacent, detached, tired. Yes this recent state of affairs is discussed in our house. Blue Q's printed word added another relevant dimension, a wake up for me in that the restrictions I have now are what Blacks have had their whole lives. Thank you most sincerely and humbly for my re- awakening. Now lets fuck the carpe out of this diem!
Comment By: Joanne2 years ago 
Now, in times like these, we have to unite. I think that supporting this company is a start. Great products. Great service. Everyone gets a fair shot at prosperity going off the company statement. Racists be warned! Suck it, Trump!
Comment By: Raziel2 years ago 
Thank you for your silence until it was your turn to speak. It is always better to listen. I love your products. I buy for myself and for gifts. Always a hit. As a rule, I only purchase items that represent my culture. Most Blue Q images of people are off limits to me and my family of friends. I Have the Michelle pouch. I look forward to your future diverse portfolio of products. Be well.
Comment By: Michelle2 years ago 
Please also include people who have a disabilities. Whether it’s physical or intellectual; please don’t overlook them. Statistically speaking: “National data indicates that the vast majority of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, with estimates ranging to as high as 90%”. Please, make an effort to include these individuals in your promotional products! Thank you in advance, Anaid Sanchez
Comment By: Anaid2 years ago 
Actually, this may be redundant after reading all of the above submissions, but I agree that some of your products should be geared toward blacks and LBBTQ folks. Although I'm your basic white gal, I have lots of friends, I'd like to buy for that might feature fun logos geared specifically toward segments of our society. And, while you are at it, how about a first responders or COVID related sock? I know you can't do it all right away, but get those ideas flowing! LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!!!
Comment By: Liz2 years ago 
My two cents might be a little more like seven and 3/4 cents but I’ll aim for the Reader’s Digest condensed version. :) I have loved your products for YEARS, from my “sock whore” socks to my “hellraiser” zipper bag and everything in between. But, your statement made me love what you stand for. I personally think it’s okay that you were “late” simply because sometimes it takes a hot minute to find the right words. You did, though. Excellent words. Thoughtful, sincere, true words. I’m just a 40 something year old white chick...but I’m a 40 something year old white chick whose male BFF is gay, my female BFF is black, my oldest daughter is a lesbian, and my youngest daughter is bisexual. I sent your statement to each of them and we all agreed that it was one of the most heartfelt we have come across. So, keep kicking ass all of you lovely Blue Q folks. You should be so proud.
Comment By: Shannon2 years ago 
Hi Blue, I love your stuff!!! I've noticed that there isn't a lot of diversity printed on your hand towels and such. Granted, some people are pink, but you get what I'm saying. I'd love to see an afro, or, on the "Your Turn to Clean Up" towel, a lady and a lady. It's fun to see my community represented... makes me feel "normal." And, since I have your attention, it would mean SOOOO much to me if you started carrying pot holders! So, so much! Finding a cute pot holder is harder than you think. Love, Jamie Carey
Comment By: Jamie2 years ago 
Thanks for correcting the spelling of the important word, “tenets.” FWIW, I always knew you guys were on the right side. Carry on.
Comment By: M2 years ago 
Wow! I am proud to buy your products and support you.
Comment By: Meg2 years ago 
I can't be more succinct than Rebekah already was. The companies I support are those whose employees share my values, and y'all do. So thank you. May we all continue trying to do better and be better.
Comment By: Carolla2 years ago 
Hey. I love youR stuff but I seriously need more tea towels and Sox that have images of friends of colour. I give gifts and you market gifts and I want to buy my friend a tea towel/socks image that reflect my black friend and her awesome sons. So that would be cool please as I don’t like my gifts to not be thoughtful. Thank u for having a Michelle Obama pencil case. That’s cool
Comment By: Janet2 years ago 
Love you all. Watch 13th. Watch, read, view as much as you can and then share. The Nina Simone movie is also quite enlightening.
Comment By: Cindy2 years ago 
Bravo ! Sincere and appreciated. I am Black and I recently ordered from your website because I sent them as gifts to friends who are self- quarantined to cheer them up. Even though a former product of yours ( Hand Sh?t ) might have a logo that could have been taken to be offensive, that sure was " crazy good moisture". Thank you :)
Comment By: Rachel2 years ago 
I wish more companies would be so transparent and willing to admit that they could do better . I’m so proud to know the the Blue Q brand . I use my BLUE Q products every day . Keep on keepin on ...and NEVER stop creating great art .
Comment By: Debra2 years ago 
Comment By: Peter2 years ago 
I love your company, your socks and pretty much everything about you. This statement sums up so much about what I feel most Americans are struggling with right now. Thank you for taking the time to put it together and continuing to be an "honest voice" in the consumerist climate in America. Things are tough all over right now, but to see a company recommit to their core values at time when it there are other fires burning just as brightly, is impressive. Keep making awesome stuff! Because I always need more socks!
Comment By: Rebekah2 years ago 
It may be an obstacle course but you can do this!
Comment By: Julea2 years ago 
Thank you
Comment By: Lisa2 years ago 

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