Cymone Wilder


Nashville, TN

Cymone Wilder is a senior art director and lettering artist based in Nashville. Since 2013 she has collaborated with amazing clients (see Netflix, Nickelodeon, HBO Max, Cosmopolitan, Planned Parenthood and New Belgium) — creating custom lettering artwork for established brands, books, apparel and much more. She is fiercely passionate about producing meaningful and long-lasting work, drawing inspiration from the black experience. In her spare time she enjoys ~pretending~ she’s super outdoorsy, and laughing with friends around bonfires. She doesn’t enjoy running, but does it a lot anyway.

"Grumpy in the morning and reserved at night"

Any person who really helped you in your awesome artistic journey?

My friend, the late Adé Hogue, was one of the first people to make me feel welcome in the art/lettering community. I’m naturally shy and introverted, so if left up to me, I would’ve been a quiet unknown hermit. Adé always invited me to events, and encouraged me to branch out.

Have any special tricks or insights into how to connect with your audience and make ‘em respond?

I just like to be my authentic and true self. Every personality will resonate with someone.

What’s your biggest art inspiration?This may not be visual. Like, anything!

Blue Note Jazz Records. For listening, and record cover visual inspiration.

Morning bird or night owl?

Neither! I’m grumpy in the morning and reserved at night. I’m a day person through and through.

On a project, what’s the rush like when everything clicks?

Time disappears, distractions fall away, and hours later I need to unroll my gremlin-like posture.