Zander Schlacter


Brooklyn, NY

Zander Schlacter is an artist, designer and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work features bold, colorful motifs and high contrast.

“Kids make the best art.”

What was your favorite thing to draw as a child? Why did that lodge in your head?

I drew a lot of zebras. Pretty much always been a fan of a black-and-white graphic pattern.

What’s your biggest art inspiration? This may not be visual. Like, anything!

Art made by children. Kids make the best art because of their unfiltered approach to making. They are not yet tainted with the expectations of others or notions of "good" and "bad."

Where do you work? What’s your workspace like? Any objects you’ve had for a long time?

I work out of my studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. My workspace is very colorful and an extension of my aesthetic and design ethos. Some prized possessions in my studio include some funky paper mâché sculptures I've made over the years, a chair shaped like a hand and a large ceramic zebra.

How does creativity run in your family, even if it’s not design-related?

My parents are both highly creative people. My mom is an artist, and my dad is a musician. They both instilled within me the value of creative thinking and the joy of living a creative life.

What do you do when you need a break?

Cook a complicated and delicious meal at home! Or read on my Kindle.