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Cat Butt Coin Purse

This awesome style is made with 95% recycled post consumer material. It has a crushed, wrinkled look. This is normal for the recycled content used. Gooooooo environment!
3"h x 4"w
Cat Butt Coin Purse

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Review By: Allison2 years ago 
It's good!! Love the art and the zipper is so smooth.
Review By: Cookie 3 years ago 
Sometimes I get confused when looking at Cat Butts. I can't always decipher which butt is what kind of cat. I get flustered and scour the internet for cat pictures trying to breed identify. Luckily I found this coin purse field guide that aides in my "o n the spot" cat butt identification. This is one less confused butthole looker! The fact that I can keep my coins and cash in this nifty contraption is such a bonus! Sweet product!
Review By: Shannon5 years ago 
I bought this coin purse because I have a Persian cat and there are not a lot of things that represent their fluffy butt. What is an extra bonus to his high quality coin purse, is the additional cat butt breeds that I might not necessarily be able to identify in a chance meeting in the wild, pet store or veterinarian's office! It is small enough to keep handy for a quick reference, but big enough to fit change. Truly a win win situation! Highly recommended! =^o.-^=


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