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Sew-It Shoulder Tote

It's just like you're carrying a 1960's Singer sewing machine from your shoulder. Except that it''s a whole lot lighter and we're not really allowed to say it's a Singer. 95% post consumer recycled material.
11"h x 15"w x 6.25"d
Sew-It Shoulder Tote

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Review By: Stacia2 years ago 
It's a good size and if it's as sturdy as my other Blue-Q stuff, I know I will be happy. However, I just wanted to point out to people that the straps are more of a medium minty, sea-foam green than they appear in these pictures. I though I was getting darker green straps, which I was excited about because I bought this bag DESPITE the pastel nature, thinking the straps helped balance it out. I'm not going to return it, but I am a little sad. I tried to take a picture with my phone to show the difference, but they look dark on my phone too! Something about how they photograph, I guess.
Review By: Sue2 years ago 
Received as Christmas gift today and I LOVE it. So excited it made me breathless.guardia
Review By: Christy3 years ago 
I'm using this bag for a diaper bag and it's perfection. Structured enough to hold everything in place, so it's easy to find, and soft enough to cram more in when I need to. Easy to wipe clean, too. Admittedly I'm on kid number 2 so I'm a little more streamlined as far as stuff goes, but I highly recommend this bag for this use. And I'll be able to keep using it after diaper days are over.
Review By: Linda4 years ago 
Great bag, love the design and a sturdy tote. Plus, Blue Q is amazing. Got surprise free stuff with my order. And it is fabulous crap that I have a use for!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Will be spreading the word by offering gum to my friends!
Review By: Steele4 years ago 
Of course I sew! Sew (a little pun) naturally. I was going to buy this bag to cart my WIPs in . Actually this is my second. But how do I like the bag it's? Just like all the other (cou32gh) Blue-Q bags I own. I love it and whenever I'm checking out and other customers see my bag they always ask where I got it sew I say Blue-Q and they say blue what and I say Blue-Q. Then I show them the bottom of the bag sew they can see for themselves then like most of us these days we say "oh let me put it in my phone"! Sew they do and I think Blue-Q could call me one of their walking/talking billboards. Regardless just buy their bags, really well made, durable, fun designs (some more than others, but that's just my opinion which I don't consider fact), straps are comfortable and they're easy to wipe down if something gets spilled inside. Just sew you know, I'm writing this at 2:47 am bc I woke to escape one of those "looper" dreams and naturally grab my phone to see what eathshattering deals may be awaiting me. It's usually a toss up btwn Blue-Q, J. Crew, Ansestry ( I only signed up for that bc I wanted to see if I could varify whether my greatuncle Otis Johnson was indeed a famous bootlegger. Which I couldn't even find his name and even though I unsubscribe from it daily I cont to get them) or Jetsetter. And I'm usually pretty good abt trashing most but I fell off the j crew wagon yesterday (was sober for 34 days) then now I went head first off Blue-Q's. Im going bk to sleep now since making an online purchase has helped break up that circling pattern I had going in my dreams before. Maybe now I'll be dreaming I'm flying on a private jet (Jetsetter) wearing j crew's latest, shopping in the city with my Blue-Q bags and running into a relative who CAN give me the lowdown on uncle Otis.
Review By: Ruby4 years ago 
this bag looks cool and practical, I would buy it if it featured a black Singer sewing machine, especially a 221 or a 301 or even a 66!
Review By: Judy4 years ago 
This bag is SO COOL! I'm planning to order lots more for gifts.
Review By: Anne5 years ago 
Sew cute! My BFF just gave this to me for my birthday. I love it.


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