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Here Kitty Shoulder Tote

If you were to poke a few holes in the side of this bad boy you could probably use it as a cat carrier. Your cat might not be too happy about it, but since when are cats ever happy to be in a carrier? I'm just throwing it out there. 95% post consumer recycled material.
11"h x 15"w x 6.25"d
Here Kitty Shoulder Tote

Or, How about something like this?

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Review By: Sara6 months ago 
This bag has served as my purse for the past three years. It makes me happy, and it makes people happy everywhere I go. I have put off replacing it, but it’s on its last legs. I will recycle the pieces into something new!
Review By: Alix1 year ago 
The shoulder tote shape fits my purse and laptop perfectly making it the ideal carry on (they also make a great gift). AND the cat design by artist Martha Rich is soooooo adorable. I get tons of compliments and plenty of opportunity to tell people to go to!
Review By: Val1 year ago 
Love the design so I'm buying it again and for a friend. BUT the "fused" colorful design covering of the bag ultimately starts to flake and peel off showing the white recycled bag beneath. Had this problem with the Day of the Dead bag as well. Anything you can do?
Reply By: BlueQ 1 year ago 
Hi Val! So sorry - that shouldn't happen! Please email for assistance in getting a replacement! Thanks!
Review By: Clare3 years ago 
My mom will love it! Perfect for all the kitty necessities she packs when traveling with her kitty.
Review By: Agatha3 years ago 
Great black cat design!!


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