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Ground Service contiguous US and Canada.

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Send orders here: sales@blueq.com

Call us here: 800.321.7576

Some departments you may be interested in:

Customer Service
If you are calling about an order, this is the department to call. Do not call the janitors, they can't help you. Mindy is on duty until 5:30 PM EST for all you west coasters.

Michael D'Aniello X386 em: michael@blueq.com

Sharae Gadson X385 em: sharae@blueq.com

Nichole Miller X345 em: nichole@blueq.com  *Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Sam Rydell X388 em: sam@blueq.com

If you are calling about sales being up 38%, tradeshows, sales rep changes, swinging deals with large accounts, product samples, this is the department to chat with, and they love to talk.

Sales Manager: Jen Cummings X300 em: jen@blueq.com

Sales Rep Manager: Paul Boulais X351 em: paul@blueq.com

Mindy Drury X357 em: mindy@blueq.com

If you are calling about customer credit terms, invoices, check in the mail disorder or my great grandmother died and my store burned down syndrome, this is the place. Lily has read nearly every book on the planet and is always up for a chat about Beyonce.

Manager: Lily Palmer X352 em: lily@blueq.com

Department of Fantasy
What can we say, they run the place. If you ain't getting action with the departments above, call these guys up. They sometimes promise the impossible, but at least it's entertaining. Don't believe everything they say.

Mitch Nash X377 em: mitch@blueq.com

Seth Nash X333 em: seth@blueq.com


Good News

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