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April 26, 2018

Baby Animals!


Early this week, on a bright and sun-drenched day, we jumped in our cars for a quick cruise – just a 10 minute drive east on West Housatonic Street. Then we jumped back out at Hancock Shaker Village, an amazing living museum dedicated to the hard-working, round-barn-building, dance-lovin' Shakers. Along with beautiful gardens, brightly painted buildings, and a peek into the Shakers' daily life, HSV boasts a bunch of healthy and happy farm animals. And in the springtime, that means baby animals!

We had a yummy lunch at Seeds Market Café then got to the tough work of oooohing, awwwing, and petting all the lambs, kids, calves and chicks. Everyone got a piece of the action – Krystal and Morgan got to know the mama sheep, Sam and Myrissa made friends with a bunch of goats, and Bill spent the better part of the afternoon stalking chickens. Also, Jenna and Liz walked around hand-in-hand the whole time, which was super cute.

After, once we'd gotten our fill (who are we kidding – we could have stayed all day), we got in our cars and drove back to work. That is, with an extra little baby-animal-fueled skip in our step.

Click below for more field trip pics!

Thanks a Bunch!

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i heart baby animals
Comment By: Mitch1 year ago 

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