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Boy did I ever need the Gas Company socks today..and some of your other hilarious stuff lol... Don't know who's worse...the dog or him... P U !!!!! You guys brighten All of our days....thank you....much appreciated!
Comment By: Lucy3 years ago 
Your gum boxes are awesome! Turn those in to tshirts or ball caps! You guys are awesome!!
Comment By: Robynn3 years ago 
Do I have too many Blue Q bags? Naaaaa! I love you stuff! Stay well and make more so O can add to my collection. Maura
Comment By: Maura3 years ago 
Can you please do something with pigs? Please please please? And maybe chickens too :) Love your bags!! I buy them all the time for gifts!
Comment By: Linnea3 years ago 
Got my order yesterday and was blown away by the "free stuff" - I'm sending all of you a virtual hug. What a cool gesture and spirit lifter! Thank you so much! Love your stuff and the creative attitude behind all that you do. Hope you are all doing well in these strange times. Thanks again!
Comment By: Cathy3 years ago 
Thank you for such hilarious stuff!! Plus I love the extra gifts—what a nice surprise
Comment By: Anne3 years ago 
Thinking of all of you.Hope you are all well.
Comment By: Carolyn3 years ago 
Love this stuff!!!!!
Comment By: Shai raven3 years ago 

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