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April 15, 2016

Lavatory Mists: The Cutting Room Floor


What secret ingredient keeps Blue Q extra tasty? It’s hard to explain, honestly. Other than the awesome hard-working, fun-loving staff, democratic sound system, and the almost-monthly pizza parties? I suppose it’s the index cards.

Once the product development team collects ideas for new socks, bags, soaps or whatever’s next in line, they write down their favorites on index cards. Sometimes they are good copy ideas, sometimes little snippets of art, sometimes stuff that we could never actually make because we might get sued but we laugh at it anyway. Then we get everyone in the office (or warehouse, or both!) together for a presentation. We call it “Flash Carding.” Whichever idea gets the most laughs wins!

Actually, it’s slightly more studied than that. Once the initial laugh-attack passes, we have real conversations about each proposal. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but would it sell? How many coin purses already have cats on them? Do we want another? These conversations act as our system of checks and balances. We make better products and fewer mistakes when everyone – from HR to Sales to Customer Service to Operations – has a say.

The fun is in the editing, for sure. We can have SUCH a good time with bad ideas -- or, you know, like I said, ideas that might get us sued. Recently, we vetted Lavatory Mist ideas (poop jokes! my favorite!) and it was so fun that we wanted to share a little glimpse with you. So, here are a few examples - the best of the worst, or the worst of the best, your call - from a recent Lavatory Mist flash-card session.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the ones that actually made the cut!

Thanks a Bunch!

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Sir Fartsalot lavatory mist
Comment By: Beatrice4 years ago 
gotta have Charles dickens tale of 2 crappies when can I buy it?
Comment By: denise4 years ago 
Lavender Lilliacs and Lillies Lie Mist Hunks Plunk their Junk Mist The Deceitful Delicate Daisy Mist Does She or Does She not Mist (from a 1960s or 1970s hair coloring ad when coloring was just starting to be respectable)
Comment By: Cynthia4 years ago 
Shart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
Comment By: KT4 years ago 
In the original post, Emeril L'Gasse cracks me up! In the comments, To Shat or not to Shat gets my vote!! I'm picturing a bottle design with Shatner as Shakespeare. My idea? Blowin' Out Some Wind. The solution for when your butt-hole, my friend, is blown' out some wind.
Comment By: J5 years ago 
Napoleon it!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (most laughs)...
Comment By: Kristin5 years ago 
Knock, knock! / Who's there? / Something ripe is in the air. Or ... Knock, knock! / Who's there? / Miss Tiny-Hiney Derrière. Or ... Knock, knock! / Who's there? / You'll never know once you mist the chair
Comment By: Cathleen5 years ago 
How about "Let 'er rip! Lavatory Mist"? (duhhh)
Comment By: T5 years ago 
To Shat or not to Shat that is the question? William Shakespeare Lavatory Mist
Comment By: K A5 years ago 
Shitty, Shitty Bang Bang, Supercalafartulixiouexpialidocious, One pooped over the doodoo's nest, William Shat-ner's Toilet Spray....and I have so many more!
Comment By: S5 years ago 
Napoleon for sure!
Comment By: Sam5 years ago 
Can anyone play? "The Fart Of War lavatory mist" or, topically, "The Fart Of The Deal by Donald, Trumpeting, lavatory mist"
Comment By: MrCanoehead5 years ago 
Napoleon and Desmond!
Comment By: Paul5 years ago 
Jack the Ripper lav mist
Comment By: Dawn5 years ago 

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