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October 07, 2014

Make Way for Sheep


Did you know that Blue Q is about 85% run on solar power? It’s true! We’ve got panels on our office roof and a whole field of them at the warehouse! It’s great being so self-sufficient and environmentally responsible, but there’s a catch: we still need to mow the grass around the solar panels. Not only is it super wasteful and counterproductive to run the mower over all that land, it’s not easy getting in and out of the panels’ framework. So we’ve been hatching a plan with our good friend Jon Piasecki.

Jon is an amazing stoneworker and landscape architect. And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he’s also the proud farmer of a bunch of pigs, a flock of chickens, a donkey, and a herd of Soay Sheep, a native Scottish breed that’s super hearty to our area. Which got us thinking… what if we could get those sheep to hang out around our solar panels and take care of the mowing for us?!

Well, the trial started today! John brought over four of his special sheep and let them have at it. We’ll give them a few days and see how they do, and if they seem happy here we’ll invite them - and maybe a few of their friends - back in the spring and summer to graze. If their first five minutes of voracious munching is any indication, Blue Q and these cutie-patootie sheep will have a very happy future together.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Are those Soay sheep?? Holy pinchable cuteness. a- Derrr - yep! I just read the text instead of just looking at the pics like a kindergardener. xox
Comment By: Lightning6 years ago 
This is such an awesome idea! We at Therapy Stores are proud to sell Blue Q in our shops and we love seeing our vendors go green and continue to push the envelop with new green ideas!
Comment By: Randy6 years ago 

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