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July 27, 2016

No, thank YOU!


A couple of months ago, we sent a bunch of Art Supplies Pencil Cases over to the graduating class of Egremont Elementary, right here in Pittsfield. They needed a few extra goodies for their end-of-the-year gift bags, and we were honored to contribute.

Of course, we did it entirely for the love of supporting local kids. But that doesn’t mean that we weren’t thrilled when the thank you notes started rolling in – they are just so darn cute.* How cute, you ask? So cute that we decided to share a few of our favorites right here and right now. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

*As it turns out, these notes weren’t written by the actual recipients. Instead they were written by the incoming 5th grade class on behalf of the former 5th graders who had already tossed their 5th grade hats in the air, grabbed a few complimentary hot dogs and shouted “later, suckkkaaas!!” into the wind. But that’s cool, we totally get it. Those guys have bigger, middle-school-sized fish to fry, anyway.

This note gets our vote for tackling the spelling of some extra-difficult words, and for the use of the phrase “thank you” three times in as many sentences.

This letter shines with empathy, optimism and an elegant conclusion.

This writer successfully lays out the cold, hard facts without condescending to its audience. A+!

This one gets points for style, both in the Eagle Crown and Nest category, and by using capital letters as a stylistic device.

Thanks a Bunch!

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I love your whimsical merchandise because it's absolutely fabulous AND because I love the the org's you contribute to. I'm starting a collection of socks....Blue Q happily activates my OCD, lol! THANKS!!! Susan
Comment By: Susan6 years ago 
BlueQ is SERIOUSLY the bestest ever.
Comment By: Julie6 years ago 
The stuff you sell are so cool, clever, marvelous, and awesome! I bought some stuff from your website online. Keep up the good job making those products! Thank you for all you do!
Comment By: Sophie 6 years ago 
I want to thank you guys myself, for being so fun, silly and for spreading it around. I love your stuff! I love to give it as gifts to others to make them smile too. See? I like to spread it around too!
Comment By: Tammy6 years ago 
So cute!
Comment By: Casey6 years ago 

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