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November 02, 2017

The Pickin' Is Easy


Did you know that one morning, every fall, the all of Blue Q shuts down for a few hours? It's true! We don't tell anyone we're going, but we sneak off to a local orchard and pick apples. (Shout out to Barlett's, woooo!)

We go for the tart fruit, the cider, the doughnuts and the autumnal air, of course. But it's also just a great way to get out and celebrate the season as a group, before the dawn of the next season, which is the holiday season, which is the busiest season of all the seasons for companies like ours.

And each and every fall, after we prance through the rows of Macs, Cortlands and Ida Reds, pick to our collective hearts' content and get jacked up on fructose, we pose for portraits. This year we grouped people according to the first letter of their first names. Amber and Abby, Bill and Barry, Chris and… well, you get it.

For us, it's kind of like getting a yearbook photo taken - that is, if you went to school exclusively filled with people you really liked. Or, if you went to a school that offered unlimited access to cider donuts. Even if you didn't, click on the photo below to enjoy a sweet and crispy selection from this year's portrait session!

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I'm fairly new to Blue Q . I've only placed two orders but they were large orders, well large enough to get free shipping. I can't stop visiting your website - what a wild and crazy bunch.of idiots I say that with love and sarcasism. I feel good about contributing to your good cause!
Comment By: Sandra3 years ago 
Looks like you all are having fun as always! I just wanted to write and say how surprised I was to get my order and see all the free stuff WOW!! You guys are the best!! Happiest of Holidays to you!!
Comment By: Dorsay3 years ago 
Looks like a barrel load of fun. Love love love your company & products. just received my Christmas order this afternoon with my free stuff in! You guys rock it is all awesome & i know i'm going to be popular this year when family & friends open up my gifts i bought from Blue Q :-) Keep doing awesome stuff. Sam
Comment By: Samantha3 years ago 
Hi!! I got my stuff in 2 days and I love the 'Free Stuff' that was added the day of my order. Thanks! Your company website is so much fun and makes me smile! Merry Christmas, Eileen
Comment By: Eileen3 years ago 
Looks like a blast! You guys are the real deal; thanks for being a company I enjoy supporting and working with.
Comment By: Chris3 years ago 
love your shit and love your photos of you good people havin a day out. thanks for the creativity and chuckles Rosie
Comment By: Rosie3 years ago 

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