Cecilia Pettersson


Gothenburg, Sweden

Cecilia Pettersson is a freelance designer/artist specialized in print and pattern. Most of the time drawing and painting by hand is the starting point for her work, and the drawings are often inspired by nature and its power to grow, the details and the rhythm.

“I am a material nerd.”

Any person who really helped you in your awesome artistic journey?

My mum was fantastic, she believed in me and my artistic dreams and always supported me. She bought every design I released, so her home was like a Cecilia museum. She sadly passed away some years ago and I still miss her every day.

Listen to music while you work? Anything special in your work space that unleashes your creative juices?

I listen to books when I work. Lots of them! Sometimes when the work is too hard I need to turn off the book to concentrate. And sometimes when the book is too good I turn off the work;)

Have any special tricks or insights into how to connect with your audience and make ‘em respond?

Working with sketchbooks or doing projects is a great way to connect with people on Instagram. And also a perfect way to be more creative. I have been doing a 100 days project for three years now, during spring. I put 2-3 hours of each day (also weekends) into doing work that does not have a client. For me, it's really taking my work to new places, and for my audience I think it's nice to see some sketches and not-so-polished work.

Where do you work? What’s your workspace like? Any objects you’ve had a long time?

I share a studio in the center of Gothenburg with 14 other freelancers. I have my own room but they are there for fika. I have a lot of pens, I am addicted to pens. I have every shade there is of copic markers, and every nib available. I just feel a total freedom when I can pick a color and just start working. So, it’s pens! It's also with the right paper, off-white and quite thick. I am a material nerd.

How does creativity run in your family, even if it’s not design-related?

My father is really creative and hard-working. He has a house in the countryside with a fantastic garden, and every part of the home is carefully decided and made by him and his wife. It´s functional, climate-smart and a place where you can live from what you grow. I think that I grew up around people who fixed things, I never felt that anything was impossible if you have the right tools and someone to ask. I am for sure a problem solver, and that shows in my work as
well. I love when it's complicated so that I need to figure out how to solve the drawing. That triggers me!